Avoid losses when chasing business

Social media usage, in the lead up to and on the day of Christmas, is expected to be the highest yet, with British web users expected to spend more than 25 million hours online on December 25 alone.
This year we will are expecting to see a massive multichannel marketing push as brands look to win online to drive web purchases and in-store footfall.

With many retailers using vouchers promotions & offers that are turning into lost leaders, the danger is that sales may not be as profitable as planned.
USM Digital can help reatilers get ‘Good, compelling offers ‘ into the market at commercially viable rates THUS avoiding what BDO are predictiong below….
Don Williams, from BDO, said retailers were having to cut profit margins in order to fund a “flurry of promotions”.
“The level of promotions is on a par with the ‘panic sales’ of 2008 and while this year’s promotions are largely more structured and considered, this is likely to have an impact on margins.
“The effects of a combination of reduced margins and low sales will come as retailers approach Christmas more in hope than expectation.