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Email Data with ‘full’ demographics

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  • No more worrying about ‘if’ your campaign reaches the target audience.
  • No more worries about ‘flak’ from complaints – we can trace back to opt in on the transactional data.
  • No more worries about REACHING THE RIGHT AUDIENCE. We can help you reach THE RIGHT AUDIENCE, at the RIGHT TIME with THE RIGHT PROPOSITION.

Save management time, media costs & data wastage by getting it right first time.

If you do not have a ‘model’ of your ideal customer we can build one for you then we can identify the data you need from the ‘consumer’ database or the ‘business to business’ database.

This will give you the audience with the highest propensity to respond to the medium of your choice.

Case Studies

  • Leisure Company
  • Media-TV, Radio, Press campaigns supported by Telemarketing & Email.


To hit the numbers BUT with half the budget: we did it by getting a 50% conversion.

Last year they had £15m budget. This year the budget is restricted to £7m with expected cuts in Q3.

USM assisted in provision of Telemarketing data & email data city by city within TV regions.

In Worcester, the client had identified 17,500 households that met the Target Audience criteria and was being reached with broadcast media.

USM also supplied data for Direct Mail however, on working closer with the client & developing the profile against transactional data we found that only 750 households in that city had the propensity to take up the offer.

Ensuing Action:

Data was supplied on the 750 households for email & telemarketing.


More effective data for Precise Targeting of a refined & relevant offer.

No wastage or fatigue of the email data or calling data.

Less wastage on telemarketing hours – 750 records called at 7 DMCs per hours equated to 100 hours of calling at £25 per hour (budget £2500) as opposed to the opportunity cost of 17500 households being called at 2500 hours at £25 (£62,500 was absolutely not viable!)

For the record, that strategy is being rolled out city by city since the take up of the holiday offer is running at over 50% conversion plus the incremental enquiries from the broadcast campaign.

  • Publisher
  • Media – Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Web & Email


Win-backs & retention on subscribers. Need to increase revenue streams to offset cost of acquisition.

Ensuing Action:

Client & USM devised a profile of subscribers with high propensity to switch readership & to be of interest to advertisers.

Profile overlaid with USM databases. Mail campaign sent to warm up in advance of Telemarketing. Direct mail of offer & subscription.

Part funded by complementary partner who is now also emailing offers to the subscriber base.


Shared risk, greater return on investment with new revenue streams as more advertisers are involved in the programme & the opted in data is also generating revenue.

High, precise targeting of competitor publications based on known transactional behaviour resulted in higher conversions of more valuable customers (not American volume response data with poor authenticity!)

  • Off shore Lender – on shore broker.
  • Media – Broadcast, media, Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Web & Email


Lead generation was attracting wrong audience – unable to lend to them! Media costs rising, call centre overhead prohibitive. US based lead generators devaluing brand, no respect for compliance and prolific use of email data resulting in fatigue. In essence a complete waste of budget, overhead & management time.

Ensuing Action:

Client re-deployed (gradually over 6 months) budget to USM data & Precision Targeting Services. No broadcast media is used other than tactical brand awareness when political news is headlining re debt & interest rates.

Telemarketing is now customer service calls to reinforce loan uptake since 85% of applications are from the correct socio demographic profile – 500 plus homeowners per day applying on line or via inbound calls. 3,000 tenants are directed online to portfolio partners per day.


Better customer experience. Less wastage, revenue generation via a divert of non relevant applications and increase in margins. Extrication from US lead generators. New revenue stream starting to build from a new USM initiative that has come to light over the past 8 months of close working relationship.

  • Advertising & PR Agency : Leisure Client
  • Media – Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Web & Email


Leisure Client radical move to on line service to lower over heads & cost to serve required a rapid reduction in cost of acquisition of new customers as well as the need to serve existing customers via email.

Apply Pareato’s rule of 80% of business comes from 20% of the best customers, we took 1000 of the best performing customers & using techniques to build a model, found 1 million women on the email base that matched exactly who the client needs to reach. Other import fields were also appended to allow a multi media approach by specific geographic territories.

Ensuing Action:

Data is continuing to be supplied at volumes between 50,000 & 150,000 for two to three days per week for emailing  and rotating of creative propositions by the Agency. When conversions slip, remedial activity is deployed instantly to ensure ‘ fatigue’  is avoided by the Target Audience.


As the programme progresses, we will update this case study. BUT the immediate benefit is that after 6 months of planning & feasibility studies, this proved to be the most viable programme to complete the migration to on-line business.

In fact, the alternative options would never have stood up to financial scrutiny & the programme would have been at risk – possibly delayed if not aborted.

The client is happy & the agency is making money with a nicely developing account!