Controling the Voucher Culture

Grow your business without giving away 50% of the revenue

Having seen the dangers of ‘Voucher Culture Discount’  type promotions and learning the lessons of giving away 50% of your revenue to Groupon  this week on the  BBC , USM Digital has an alternative solution. SME’s offering massive discounts AND THEN having to pay away 50% of the remaining revenue to the Voucher companies has resulted  in heavy losses for Pub & Restaurant owners, Driving Instructors etc.

USM Digital suggests that business owners THINK  like big businesses and take absolute control of their promotional activity. The standard model is to set aside 15% of your turnover for  your Sales & Marketing budget.

Talk to USM Digital about your promotional offer and email it to your target audience and KEEP ALL of your hard earned revenue. why give so much away to the voucher company? Have more confidence in your sales strategy & delivery! UISM Digital is there to help you achieve your business goals. Book your slot in our schedule before the Christmas period so that you can plan your sales activity for 2012 and gain a competitive edge. Fail to plan. .. plan to fail! Get it right with the luxury of time!