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  • Unique web page creation
  • Plug & Play designed website templates for speed to market & cost effectiveness
  • Short Lead Times to ensure early mover advantages are achieved in your market
  • E-commerce solutions: Securely accept online debit/credit card payments
  • Graphic design
  • Custom programming and scripting
  • Site maintenance, technical help and support
  • Website hosting

Case Studies

Challenge: Central Quotes for team of 16

The client wanted to have a joined up sales force working closely with his delivery and buying team issuing consistent pricing in market segments with closely managed margins.

Ensuing Action:

The solution was to provide a unique experience to each staff user group when logging in to a cloud-based application.  Made available using PC, MAC, iPhone and Android etc…  this will enable the users to interact and ensure buying cost changes immediately flagged to the sales and quote preparation teams.


A Customer Portal provided instant access to personalised and secure discounted quotes with visible ‘normal pricing’ and reports showing savings achieved in period.  Sales know when talking to clients not only the pricing going forward, but availability of stock and technical variations in the supply channel.

Challenge: Video Surveys and reports available to customers on-line

The client has teams of surveying staff in-the-field assessing properties and filing reports with associated video, photographs and risk-analysis.  The aim is ensuring the customer is informed fully, signs off the work done and agrees to remedial works in one time-saving process.

Ensuing Action:

A Customer portal solution provided the framework and basis of the solution enabling clients’ customers to arrive at one place and view information in the way intended; structured towards highlighting required remedial actions before providing access to background supporting evidence.  Engineers use enabled notebooks to complete on-line surveys in real time and upload compressed images and video.


Clients’ customers felt better informed and efficient as they were able to concentrate on making decisions.  The client improved business with faster turnaround of surveys to remedial works.  The client also saw sales of surveys improve as clients’ customers like the idea of being able to see progress in almost real-time.

Challenge: Boss does not know which products and sales staff are doing well and which ones to chase or axe.

The client manages a number of complex projects each with a team of dedicated staff and shared resources.  The customer base is common to the business sector and funding enters the groups to aid product enhancement aswell as meet order commitments.  The challenge is to present information in a way that simply indicates areas that need attention.

Ensuing Action:

Formulate a Web-server head-up display. The display shows a dashboard-like screen with dials for the key business objectives set for the teams and just four levels – on-track, over-performing, under-performing and critical. Working with the client a consistent break down of the business objectives into measurable factors was established and then the IT systems used to manage the work analysed to tap into sources of the required information.


The senior managers have a simple interface through which they can access the core business data in a way that guides them to areas of concern and praise.  Under-managers can instantly see where they are heading off-track and make adjustments before things get out of control.

Challenge: Small Business Invoice Tracking and VAT

Clients want a simple reliable business tool that helps them manage quotes, orders, invoices, purchases and payments plus staff sickness etc…

Ensuing Action:

‘1Planner’ a web-based tool with all that you would expect from putting about ten applications together to run your business.  From CRM, Project Management, HRM, Asset Control, Facilities Maintenance, Purchasing and Invoicing aswell as VAT reports all through a web interface.  No need to buy anything more than a device that can surf the Internet.


Minimal IT overheads – just a regular monthly maintenance fee.  If Client device is lost or stolen no business data is lost.  Office staff can work from home if there is a problem and all they need is Internet access.

Challenge: Car controlled by a web-page application running on a phone

Client wanted to demonstrate Internet technology and inspire school kids to take up technology related subjects at school and college

Ensuing Action:

Fit a model car with a wireless camera and replace it’s controller with computer controlled outputs then link the computer to the web and make it a web-server that checks for instructions every fraction of a second.  When a user browses to the web-server they are presented with the video stream from the camera  and a set of control buttons underneath.


When demonstrated, as pioneering use of  a web-browser on a mobile phone, students were awe struck – full of interesting applications for the device and inspired to go into science and technical careers.  The model is still in use today and still inspires students into technical possibilities of what is now known as ‘Machine Learning’…