Digital Data

Digital Data

Email Data with ‘full’ demographics

…..What could better data do for you?


Call us to find out how our behaviour & transactional modelled database can help you.

  • No more worrying about ‘if’ your campaign reaches the target audience.
  • No more worries about ‘flak’ from complaints – we can trace back to opt in on the transactional data.
  • No more worries about REACHING THE RIGHT AUDIENCE. We can help you reach THE RIGHT AUDIENCE, at the RIGHT TIME with THE RIGHT PROPOSITION.

Save management time, media costs & data wastage by getting it right first time.

If you do not have a ‘model’ of your ideal customer we can build one for you then we can identify the data you need from the ‘consumer’ database or the ‘business to business’ database.

This will give you the audience with the highest propensity to respond to the medium of your choice.

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Social Media

Social Media

Anyone can benefit from USM Digital’s Custom Audience Service for Social Media Campaigns….


….we have solutions and terms for all sizes of business and budgets.

We have helped our 21st Century ‘Nation of  Digital Shop Keepers’ reach new and existing customers throughout the UK  sell product and services.


  • Simple terms of engagement – no lengthy contracts
  • Easy Payment Process
  • Low Cost, flexible ‘Plug & Play’ Service
  • Unique ability to target on behaviour that other Social Media players can’t offer
  • The Comfort of compliant ‘presentation’ of your proposition to your Target Audience without your competitors seeing
  • Test until you want to ramp up
  • Use your data, and match against profiled audiences, append to it or use our profiled data for extreme accuracy
  • Use your creative* or we can produce email creatives for you
  • Use USM Digital Custom Audiences  to schedule your campaign in at short notice or, indeed, schedule your campaign to ‘smooth’ your sales peaks & troughs or match your sales capacity.

In essence this is the key service “To help businesses, of any size, sell more products & services, more cost effectively.”

It is flexible, precise, cost effective and can help you  find your ‘competitive’ advantage without letting your rivals see how you are doing it.

* USM Digital has the right to decline creatives submitted for reasons of  compliance.

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